Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Holiday wardrobe

As many of my close friends (and the long suffering BF) know my shopping habit can get a little out of control sometimes. However it seems to go into mental overdrive when I know Im going away on holiday. I forget half the stuff I I own and think I must need another ten bikinis/shorts/sarongs.  After my bank balance takes some serious damage it all arrives and I will always then realise I dont need half of it.  Of course the same thing happened again with my holiday last week so I thought I would share with the lovely blogging world what I bought.  Also please feel free to reassure me that Im not the only one with this problem ;)...

Karen Millen Suede Tassle Clutch £60 (sale)!

ASOS Asymmetric Printed Beach Tee £22 now £15!

ASOS Fiji Leather Tie Up Sandals £20

Zara Pink Sandal £59.99 now £39.99!