Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Cleanse, Tone and Moisturise - my favourite products

I know these products have been talked about a lot and theres plenty of reviews of on them so I wont do a post on how to use them, it will more be about why I like them and why they work for me.  People do ask me what products I use and what helps me with any breakouts and as my skin has improved dramatically in the last two years I am more than happy to spread the word on what I have tried and tested.  HOWEVER please note this may not happen for you too, 99% of people I know have tried and loved these products but everyone is different.  In case you are interested my skin type is combination (oily in the tzone&chin and dry in the cheeks with occasional breakouts).

Liz Earle 

This beauty line seems to be a lot more well known now and this can only be a good thing as I swear by it as it changed my skin completely.  I was getting breakouts every month around that certain time and my skin looked really dull.  As soon as I could afford it I went for one of their Signature Facials and begged the lady to help me! She sat me down and talked through everything I was doing wrong, what was making my skin worse and what products would help.  Since then I haven't looked back.  If you can I really recommend doing this, even if not to have a facial and just a chat.  These therapists really know what they are talking about and arent just PR people put there to sell the product.

The Cleanse & Polish is a beauty staple of many women and gets talked about in blogs and magazines constantly.  I love how this is a thick and creamy type of cleanser but a lot of people prefer foaming or oily this could put you off.  

If you are going to try C&P you should definitely use it alongside Instant Boost Skin Tonic.  This toner is perfect for me as it doesnt dry out my skin and really refreshes it.  If Im removing make up I spray it onto a cotton pad and use it to wipe off any I missed and if its the morning I spritz it on my face to wake up my skin.  

In regards to the moisturiser they have different versions for different skin types and I think when it comes to picking one unless you really know what to go for you need to ask.  And dont be shy, its what they are there for!  I use Skin Repair Moisturiser (light) Combo/Oily in the day as I dont like a heavy moisturiser under make up. Before I go to bed I use the Skin Repair Moisturiser Dry/Sensitive as I prefer to use a slightly thicker moisturiser at night and I find after all the dirty air and heat/cold from the day my skin can be in need of a little extra TLC.

Anyway I hope any of this info helps, like I said its different products for different people so why not buy a tester pack and see if this works for you.


Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Holiday wardrobe

As many of my close friends (and the long suffering BF) know my shopping habit can get a little out of control sometimes. However it seems to go into mental overdrive when I know Im going away on holiday. I forget half the stuff I I own and think I must need another ten bikinis/shorts/sarongs.  After my bank balance takes some serious damage it all arrives and I will always then realise I dont need half of it.  Of course the same thing happened again with my holiday last week so I thought I would share with the lovely blogging world what I bought.  Also please feel free to reassure me that Im not the only one with this problem ;)...

Karen Millen Suede Tassle Clutch £60 (sale)!

ASOS Asymmetric Printed Beach Tee £22 now £15!

ASOS Fiji Leather Tie Up Sandals £20

Zara Pink Sandal £59.99 now £39.99!


Friday, 15 June 2012

My makeup bag June 15, 2012

Its been a long time coming but I thought I would do one of these as a few people have asked me what make up Ive been wearing lately.  I would love to be one of those girls that are super organised in the morning, walking out the door with perfect hair and make up and carrying just the minimal stuff to top it up. 

Unfortunately im not and the usual scenario is the BF in the car honking the horn to warn me he is going to leave any second, causing me to run out the door, with my hair not finished, rocking a "Clockwork Orange" look with only one mascared eye and dropping half my stuff...

Mulberry make up bag - Mulberry sample sale

Mac Ruby Woo lipstick - the most perfect matt lipstick EVER

Kent Finest Comb

Shu Uemura Eyelash Curlers

and very randomly

Bio Sculpture Gel Gloss Top Coat - however please note this is amazing! Dries literally within seconds..

and heres the finished product...


Friday, 14 October 2011

Purchase of the Day - Zara Sequinned Heels

Just a little update on a recent purchase of mine.  Zara has really started to lead the way for highstreet fashion in the last two years and become a firm favourite of mine.  Before I would more look to it for smart/trendy work-wear but they have now started releasing on trend going out clothes, shoes and handbags.

Thought I would do a little Polyvore set as well.  These are £59 and in stores now.


Friday, 7 October 2011

Todays outfit October 7

I haven't done one of these for a while and as Im rocking a bit of vintage today I thought I better let the blogging community know about it.  My Nana gave me these trousers a couple of weeks ago, with some amazing dresses, (more on those later) and I am still in two minds whether to get them tailored.  

As you can see they havent got a flared bottom but as they are a looser fit around your bum I think it needs a tapered leg to balance it out. What do you guys think, shall I leave them as they are? Any opinions very welcome!

Jacket - ASOS
Tshirt - Topshop
Trousers - Vintage
Ballet Pumps - Ebay
Necklace - Banana Republic
Ring - Accessorize


Thursday, 29 September 2011

Feather frolics

Another obsession that the long suffering BF has put up with is my love of feathers. I just cannot get enough of them, I love the way it adds that bit of glamour into some many different outfits as well.
It works in two ways for me; either subtle touches added here and there from a pair of earrings/hair-band or if I'm feeling brave to go all out, a skirt or shoes.  However an important lesson to remember is to pair the feathery bit with less fussy pieces of clothing.

So before you start running through Trafalgar Square to catch yourself a pigeon, heres an easier option:

Zara feather skirt £79

Manolo Blahnik 
ASOS Black Feather Court shoes £100
Lallys Closet £35

Free People Feather Duster Earrings £17.50
Peacocks feather earrings £2.80 (BARGAIN)!


Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Purchase of the Day - Costume jewellery

Just wanted to share with you lovely lot my two favourite purchases lately.  I cannot take the credit for finding them however as BF bought them as a surprise.  On the first I admit I have had mixed reviews, some ooohs, some yucks and one comment of "looks like its going for a poo"...Nice.

Anyhoo I love it and gave him the obvious name of Kermy (yes I know I NEED TO GET OUT MORE)

The second seems to be more liked all round, I suppose because its more pretty looking.  BFs niece has named it Olivia (I love her randomness, however she does have an excuse being 4, whereas me being 26 most definitely do not)