Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Cleanse, Tone and Moisturise - my favourite products

I know these products have been talked about a lot and theres plenty of reviews of on them so I wont do a post on how to use them, it will more be about why I like them and why they work for me.  People do ask me what products I use and what helps me with any breakouts and as my skin has improved dramatically in the last two years I am more than happy to spread the word on what I have tried and tested.  HOWEVER please note this may not happen for you too, 99% of people I know have tried and loved these products but everyone is different.  In case you are interested my skin type is combination (oily in the tzone&chin and dry in the cheeks with occasional breakouts).

Liz Earle 

This beauty line seems to be a lot more well known now and this can only be a good thing as I swear by it as it changed my skin completely.  I was getting breakouts every month around that certain time and my skin looked really dull.  As soon as I could afford it I went for one of their Signature Facials and begged the lady to help me! She sat me down and talked through everything I was doing wrong, what was making my skin worse and what products would help.  Since then I haven't looked back.  If you can I really recommend doing this, even if not to have a facial and just a chat.  These therapists really know what they are talking about and arent just PR people put there to sell the product.

The Cleanse & Polish is a beauty staple of many women and gets talked about in blogs and magazines constantly.  I love how this is a thick and creamy type of cleanser but a lot of people prefer foaming or oily this could put you off.  

If you are going to try C&P you should definitely use it alongside Instant Boost Skin Tonic.  This toner is perfect for me as it doesnt dry out my skin and really refreshes it.  If Im removing make up I spray it onto a cotton pad and use it to wipe off any I missed and if its the morning I spritz it on my face to wake up my skin.  

In regards to the moisturiser they have different versions for different skin types and I think when it comes to picking one unless you really know what to go for you need to ask.  And dont be shy, its what they are there for!  I use Skin Repair Moisturiser (light) Combo/Oily in the day as I dont like a heavy moisturiser under make up. Before I go to bed I use the Skin Repair Moisturiser Dry/Sensitive as I prefer to use a slightly thicker moisturiser at night and I find after all the dirty air and heat/cold from the day my skin can be in need of a little extra TLC.

Anyway I hope any of this info helps, like I said its different products for different people so why not buy a tester pack and see if this works for you.


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  1. I might try it out. I use Dermalogica and get on pretty well with that. Think the key is to get the cleanser / toner / moisturiser in any brand you're using.... if you buy half the products, you get half the results. These products are highly rated though have been doing my research recently. I have very senstive eyes (only sensitive part of my body, they run easily), had an Elemis facial recently and they used a beautiful light cream.... really liked that! Was told by therapist that post 25 you should be using anti aging creams at night... that was a revelation!
    Gem Mc xx


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