Thursday, 29 September 2011

Feather frolics

Another obsession that the long suffering BF has put up with is my love of feathers. I just cannot get enough of them, I love the way it adds that bit of glamour into some many different outfits as well.
It works in two ways for me; either subtle touches added here and there from a pair of earrings/hair-band or if I'm feeling brave to go all out, a skirt or shoes.  However an important lesson to remember is to pair the feathery bit with less fussy pieces of clothing.

So before you start running through Trafalgar Square to catch yourself a pigeon, heres an easier option:

Zara feather skirt £79

Manolo Blahnik 
ASOS Black Feather Court shoes £100
Lallys Closet £35

Free People Feather Duster Earrings £17.50
Peacocks feather earrings £2.80 (BARGAIN)!


Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Purchase of the Day - Costume jewellery

Just wanted to share with you lovely lot my two favourite purchases lately.  I cannot take the credit for finding them however as BF bought them as a surprise.  On the first I admit I have had mixed reviews, some ooohs, some yucks and one comment of "looks like its going for a poo"...Nice.

Anyhoo I love it and gave him the obvious name of Kermy (yes I know I NEED TO GET OUT MORE)

The second seems to be more liked all round, I suppose because its more pretty looking.  BFs niece has named it Olivia (I love her randomness, however she does have an excuse being 4, whereas me being 26 most definitely do not)


Thursday, 15 September 2011

Purchase of the Day - Muubaa leather jacket

Just wanted to share with you my amazing purchase as I have been looking for a leather jacket that I really love for such a loooooong time.  There are so many different types now and while Im glad there is lots of choice they arent always the best quality or the type of cut/style that will last for years.  Anyway heres the scenario:

Im browsing through Brandalley (amazing discount sales website, more on that later)! and they are having a Muubaa sale.  I have heard of this brand but hadnt had a chance to check it out properly.  I am scrolling through thinking nice, nice, nice but just not me, about to give up but wait...HOLD ON...whats this?  Black sheepskin Cascade Waterfall Jacket, reduced from £780 to £290????? Now thats what Im talking about.  Its fitted but still with a grungy style and has a sheepskin lining for that extra bit of luxury feel to it.  And for such a huge discount it would be stupid not to buy it right??  

So I do what most girls do and ring my mum.  She is a Brandalley freak and is constantly on there so I know she will agree with me...maybe not, she tells me off as im suppose to be saving and says DO NOT BUY IT
Oh dear my finger is edging closer and closer to the "add to basket" button...sod it! Im going to buy it and then if I fall in love with it straight away its fate.

And here it is:

Not sure why I look miserable as Im very happy!

Thats better!!

As im sure you guessed I squealed with excitement and fell in love straight away.  It fits perfectly and will go with so many different outfits, I have already worn it with a dress on a night out and casual maxi dress for the day.  

Now while I do not recommend spending that amount of money of clothes everyday sometimes you just need to dish out that little bit extra for an item that will see you through the style ages.  This is my one for 2011.

Happy searching for yours bloggers!xx