Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Purchase of the Day - Costume jewellery

Just wanted to share with you lovely lot my two favourite purchases lately.  I cannot take the credit for finding them however as BF bought them as a surprise.  On the first I admit I have had mixed reviews, some ooohs, some yucks and one comment of "looks like its going for a poo"...Nice.

Anyhoo I love it and gave him the obvious name of Kermy (yes I know I NEED TO GET OUT MORE)

The second seems to be more liked all round, I suppose because its more pretty looking.  BFs niece has named it Olivia (I love her randomness, however she does have an excuse being 4, whereas me being 26 most definitely do not)



  1. Lovely rings. The second one is my fave! :)
    *Cappuccino and Fashion*

  2. love the rings!

  3. these rings are awesome! especially the second one! :)



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