Thursday, 30 June 2011

Todays outfit June 28

Tweed jacket ASOS shirt Topshop Black Jeggings Topshop

Ok so I know this is a little delayed but procrastinate is my middle name at the moment :( I think im starting to become a little obsessed with brogues, I just wish they would bring out some more funky coloured pairs. Im not a chunky brogue lover though, I appreciate them on other people but with my chicken legs it looks/feels like im wearing bricks on my feet.  These are a slimmer more feminine version of them.  And at £10 I think a complete bargain!!
ps. sorry for the demented smile I have in the first pic, goodness knows why I did that!
Black patent brogues Ebay


Friday, 24 June 2011

Just because..

So its my boyfriends 4 year old nieces birthday soon and we were a bit stuck on what to buy, she seems to have every toy possible and I always find clothes a little boring.  However she is a big shoe fan (already)! which I love.  She already owns a pair of "Lelli Kellys" which she is obsessed with and now Im thinking she needs to get on the "high top" bandwagon.  So look what I found..

They look huge in this picture but they are only a child size 8 so very cute in real life.  However I couldnt stop there, as she also has a 1 year old sister and so she didnt feel left out (as she is a very advanced one year old obviously and wont be more interested in the box rather than its contents like most babies)! I found these:

I cannot wait to give them to them, even though I know they wont share my ridiculous excitement and will be more interested in the cake and sweets but still it will be fun for those ten minutes wont it? haha

In case you feel like forcing your children to dress like something out the eighties then head to SportsDirect, its a store that sells sports clothing at discount prices, for example these trainers were both half price so cost me a total of £26.  Personally I think its perfect for people with kids especially as even I know how expensive it is to buy clothes for children and keep them in sports stuff that fits them.  Will get the girls to model their trainers for you soon.


Friday, 17 June 2011

Todays outfit June 17

Hello hello lovelies,

Hope you are having a great day, you cant see it in the pictures but my hair was a nightmare this morning, so I cut off my head on purpose, oh the vanity!!

Suit jacket - ASOS
Pink sheer shirt - Never Fully Dressed
White vest top - Zara
Light blue jeans - ASOS
Tan brogues - Topshop
Love ring - Accessorize


Thursday, 16 June 2011

FrockMe! Vintage Fashion Fair

Apologies for not checking in for a while everyone, I have been off work for a few days and spending some time with my lovely Nana!  Anyway on Sunday I went to FrockMe! in Chelsea, which is a vintage fashion fair. You might have heard of it, Channel 4 did a series inspired by it and they hold about seven a year in London and Brighton.

I love vintage fashion, admittedly I haven't the confidence to pull a lot of it off, but I love all the history that comes with the clothes and how glamorous it all was. This is my first time to a FM event as well and I was not disappointed, there was a whole array of items, with amazing cocktail dresses, lots of furs, beautiful brooches and earrings.

Heres a few snaps I took:
Amazing cocktail dress! £400
Opera Jacket £1500 LadyElisba has her eye on it
LadyElisba modelling a (slightly freaky) fox fur

Sorry my pictures arent that great, I got a little carried away and forgot to be snappy happy! I fell in love with loads of jewellery but ended up settling on a bag as I am going to Goodwood Revival in September and needed one to go with my dress. Isnt it gooooorgeous? I thought it was perfect for Goodwood as well as a nice handbag for dinner or a bar.

So now Im officially hooked and cannot wait for my next chance to go.  The rest of the dates for London and Brighton are as follows and if you want more info on how to get there etc visit the FrockMe! website:

Brighton - 2 OCT   6 NOV (Sundays 11 am - 5.00pm)

London - 11 SEPT   16 OCT   27 NOV (Sundays 11 am - 5.30pm)


Friday, 10 June 2011

Costume Jewellery - sharing my obsession

I don't know about you but I'm never going to suit the term "shoe or handbag" girl.  I just love too many forms of fashion to be restricted to those two things and I think theres so much choice out there now that you should make the most of it!!  One thing I can definitely hold my hands up and say im OBSESSED with is costume jewellery, especially rings.  You can get unique and reasonably priced costume jewellery almost anywhere nowdays, here a few of my recent purchases:

Dorothy Perkins £8.50
Kenneth Jay Lane @ £45
Accessorize £8
(Excuse my nails in the last one, they are due a touch up)!

Statement bracelets and necklaces are easily found on the highstreet now as well, I spotted this one in the Swarovski store this week and have put it to the top of my wish list, its a special design by Christopher Kane and perfect for so many outfits:
Swarovski around £300

I hope these few examples help you all with inspiration and while making your statement its always good to remember a famous quote by Dita Von Teese that I read recently:  'I'd rather have something big and fake, than small and real.'


Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Style Crush - Olivia Palermo

Now I know this is one of many blogs that have raved about Miss P but I cant help, the girl is a style queen. Its funny because when The City first started, I didn't warm to her at all, as lets be honest she seemed like a bit of a bitch! However as we all know we should take reality shows with a HUGE pinch of salt so now that the show has been cancelled (little tear) we can get to know the real Olivia Palermo and wow does this girl know how to dress.  I haven't seen one outfit yet that didn't suit her and she works two vital lessons in styling very well:

1. Mix high street and designer together so they compliment each other, not so the more expensive/cheap item stands out like a sore thumb.
2. Looking sexy doesn't always have to mean showing a lot of flesh!

A perfect example of Olivia mixing designer and highstreet was at LFW in Feb when she attended the Matthew Willamson AW11 show. If someone had told me they were wearing a chunky rollneck jumper and maxi skirt to a party I would instantly think boring to be honest, but she was very clever in combining two items in lighter colours especially the skirt with its blurred print effect and by using the bangles to add glamour while still keeping the feminine look. 
(Picture: Topshop skirt & Matthew Williamson jumper

Now when it comes to a sexy look unfortunately some ladies just cant seem to understand that sometimes less is more.  Its an age old saying but it still gets ignored.  I'm not completely innocent myself, I am from Essex so unfortunately there are some fashion horrors lurking in my past, some of which I still see on girls today!!  However Olivia pulls it off every time.  Here she is working the masculine look but still managing to put that sexy/feminine feel on it.  I love tuxedo jackets but it works really well as a suit with skin tight trousers and glam make up.  And while most would wear a heel with this to feel a bit more girly she is confident enough to rock some loafers.
(Picture: Stubbs&Wooton loafers

So there you have it, if anyone has a favourite outfit she wore please do let me know and Olivia Palermo, we salute you and your stylish ways!!


Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Just got this email so thought I would share it with you all in case you love this magazine too.  I have used this nail varnish before, looked great on and was pretty hard wearing, these are lovely summer colours too! And lets be honest everyone loves a freebie!! 

Enjoy xx

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