Friday, 24 June 2011

Just because..

So its my boyfriends 4 year old nieces birthday soon and we were a bit stuck on what to buy, she seems to have every toy possible and I always find clothes a little boring.  However she is a big shoe fan (already)! which I love.  She already owns a pair of "Lelli Kellys" which she is obsessed with and now Im thinking she needs to get on the "high top" bandwagon.  So look what I found..

They look huge in this picture but they are only a child size 8 so very cute in real life.  However I couldnt stop there, as she also has a 1 year old sister and so she didnt feel left out (as she is a very advanced one year old obviously and wont be more interested in the box rather than its contents like most babies)! I found these:

I cannot wait to give them to them, even though I know they wont share my ridiculous excitement and will be more interested in the cake and sweets but still it will be fun for those ten minutes wont it? haha

In case you feel like forcing your children to dress like something out the eighties then head to SportsDirect, its a store that sells sports clothing at discount prices, for example these trainers were both half price so cost me a total of £26.  Personally I think its perfect for people with kids especially as even I know how expensive it is to buy clothes for children and keep them in sports stuff that fits them.  Will get the girls to model their trainers for you soon.


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