Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Style Crush - Olivia Palermo

Now I know this is one of many blogs that have raved about Miss P but I cant help, the girl is a style queen. Its funny because when The City first started, I didn't warm to her at all, as lets be honest she seemed like a bit of a bitch! However as we all know we should take reality shows with a HUGE pinch of salt so now that the show has been cancelled (little tear) we can get to know the real Olivia Palermo and wow does this girl know how to dress.  I haven't seen one outfit yet that didn't suit her and she works two vital lessons in styling very well:

1. Mix high street and designer together so they compliment each other, not so the more expensive/cheap item stands out like a sore thumb.
2. Looking sexy doesn't always have to mean showing a lot of flesh!

A perfect example of Olivia mixing designer and highstreet was at LFW in Feb when she attended the Matthew Willamson AW11 show. If someone had told me they were wearing a chunky rollneck jumper and maxi skirt to a party I would instantly think boring to be honest, but she was very clever in combining two items in lighter colours especially the skirt with its blurred print effect and by using the bangles to add glamour while still keeping the feminine look. 
(Picture: Topshop skirt & Matthew Williamson jumper

Now when it comes to a sexy look unfortunately some ladies just cant seem to understand that sometimes less is more.  Its an age old saying but it still gets ignored.  I'm not completely innocent myself, I am from Essex so unfortunately there are some fashion horrors lurking in my past, some of which I still see on girls today!!  However Olivia pulls it off every time.  Here she is working the masculine look but still managing to put that sexy/feminine feel on it.  I love tuxedo jackets but it works really well as a suit with skin tight trousers and glam make up.  And while most would wear a heel with this to feel a bit more girly she is confident enough to rock some loafers.
(Picture: Stubbs&Wooton loafers

So there you have it, if anyone has a favourite outfit she wore please do let me know and Olivia Palermo, we salute you and your stylish ways!!



  1. She has a really elegant and put-together style, I love it.

    x Michelle |

  2. I love her so much! She always accessorises really well too. She was in my mag this week wearing a victoria beckham dress..I'll post it on my blog :) xx


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