Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Camilla Skovgaard

This is one of those brands that I see in fashion mags and on the occasional celeb, Gywenth Paltrow and Brandy are fans, but it definitely does not have the brand awareness of say, Christian Louboutin.  This is a shame I think in one sense as the shoes are amazing, on the other hand I like the fact that as CS isnt as well known as some as they are still pretty niche and not instantly recognisable.  I mean lets be honest we all love having people say "oooooh I love your shoes/bag/top, where did you get it from?" instead of it being something you see four other girls wearing in a nightclub/bar, dont we?

Most of her shoes have a unique sole with a jagged or abstract style to it which is great for when your wearing an outfit that needs a bit of an "edge" added to it. I love how these particular ones have cut out features to them as well.

Pictures courtesy of mywardrobe.com

If you would like to see the rest of the line CS is available in many stores across the world and a list of them are available on the website http://www.camillaskovgaard.com/#/Stockists. For my fellow Londoners you can check them out in lots of places: Selfridges, Harvey Nicks and Dover Street Market.


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