Tuesday, 5 July 2011

nOir Jewellery

I nearly had a fit when I found out about this brand, but then WHO CAN BLAME ME?! As Im sure you remember I have a ridiculous obsession with all things costume/exaggerated jewellery so this was like having a orgasm for me..well actually maybe not (sorry Mr King) but you know what I mean.  Let me just show you a few examples to wet your appetite (ah that sounds so sexual).

Collar with Brielle $265

Dinosaur Bones Cuff  $850

Pegasus $235

Brooklyn Bridge ring $250

I dont actually think these examples give justice to how cool the jewellery is, but they are slightly pricey. However this is the high end of costume jewellery not the stuff you can find on a market stall and now a staple favourite of celebs like Beyonce and Gwen Stefani so the price is always going to rocket because of that.  If you would like to check it out visit their website at www.noirjewelry.com.  If you are a fan of comics they also do a wicked campaign alongside DC Comics with jewellery depicting Gotham City and the Batman symbol.

ps. If you are actually visiting NYC anytime soon and feel like letting me know so I can get some please please feel free as well!!


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  2. Wow! All of these jewellery are amazing! I like them all. ;)

    Have a nice day


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