Friday, 19 August 2011

Finally,The Angels have jumped over the pond...

Its been a long time coming, but finally Victoria Secrets have decided to launch in the UK, HURRRRAH!!!

I love VSecrets, not just for underwear but the bikinis,lounge-wear, cosmetics, shoes..basically everything! I have never bought anything that wasnt the right fit or looked differently to the UNBELIEVABLY hot models on the website.  Yes my body isnt as toned and perfect as theirs but the quality of the cut/fabric/colour is still as it is the picture that made me fall in love with it.  

It was actually started by a man, Roy Raymond, in 1977 after he was too embarrassed to buy underwear for his wife in a department store. The stores were meant to create a comfortable environment for me with helpful sales staff. Instead of racks of bras and panties in every size, there were single styles, men could browse for styles they like and sales staff would help estimate the appropriate size.  Sounds like Ray hit the nail on the head, as I know men who have been married for years and they couldn't tell me what their wives bra size, favourite colour or clothing size is!

Anyway he sold it in 1982 to Leslie Wexner who expanded and rebranded it to the amazing chain of stores we know today.  Unless you have been living under a rock for the past 15 years you would've heard of the legendary Victoria Secrets Fashion show that happens once a year and features the "Runway Angels".  These have had some of the most successful supermodels feature in it, including: Helena Christensen, Tyra Banks and Heidi Klum. It has amazing costumed underwear, music and glamorous background sets.  It always has the top celebs in the audience and different musicians perform every year.

One of my favourite purchases from V Secrets have been:

Its not as extravagant as the other bikinis/underwear I bought from the site, but it fits perfectly and is very flattering for a simple brown bikini. (God I look like casper next to my friend Elisba, get me to a hot country, now)!!

The brand is planning on opening a store in Bond Street at some point next year and Im sure it will be a huge hit, if you arent a fan now, you definitely will be! Check out the website in the meantime, im already looking at some new purchases...

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  1. yaay congratz babe that its coming there!
    victoria secret is amazing!:)

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