Tuesday, 9 August 2011

To clutch or not to clutch??

Have you ever got ready on a night out, put together a wicked outfit, hairs done and curled/straightened just right for once, make up looks flawless, feeling pretty damn hot and then you reach for a handbag for the night and...(excuse this in advance but this is what I do in moments of frustration) BOLLOCKS!

Every girl needs a clutch bag in their life, because if you are struggling to find a bag, this is the fail-safe item you will need in your wardrobe. 
OK lets hear out the cons at least:

  1. They are too small and I cant fit all my make up in there.
  2. Its hassle to carry it under my arm or holding it.
  3. I cant grab onto the handle of it if someone tries to run off with it...


  1. Why do you need all that crap in your bag anyway?! You are on a night out to have fun, not to have to re-apply the war paint every five mins
  2. Yes its weird not being able to swing a bag over your shoulder or hang it over your arm, however I have two words for "shoulder clutch bags" - HELL NO. I dont understand the short handle on these things, they always sit awkwardly.  For example the Mulberry Charlie bag, I love, as a clutch bag. Whats the point in that silly little (very ugly*) chain link handle they have on it?  Dont get me wrong, I like chain link handles, but on the right bag.  The Chanel Classic Flap Bag?   Yes yes yes! But thats a whole different kind of style and another blog post, and im getting off my point sorry...
Chanel Flap Bag  A.MAZ.ING
3. If you are going to the kind of club where someone will run past you and grab your bag or you will just dump it somewhere where its likely to be nicked then youre a bit of a donut in my book, stop hanging out in seedy places so you can embrace the clutch bag craze :)

There is so much choice out there as well, ranging from bargains to bankrupt prices, here's a few I love:

(Alexander Mcqueen) Knuckle clutch £1,265

(Lulu Guinness) Red Lips Clutch £275
(ASOS) Weave Envelope Clutch £30
(ASOS) Leather Portfolio Clutch £55
(Lulu Guinness) Black Studded Lips Clutch £450

(ASOS) feather clutch £25

And then just because this so different and so cute...

(Judith Leiber) Habibi Genie Lamp clutch $5995

Try not to choke on your lunch when reading the price to that last one!  


*GASP I know I insulted the all amazing Mulberry brand but it had to be said sorry

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  1. The knuckle clutch is my fave... Looks amazing and practical at the same time! You can't go wrong.. x


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